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Is Facebook Evil? privacy leaks, data flows and conspiracy theories

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16 May 2010: Since originally writing this article in Oct 2007, debates over facebook privacy concerns have mushroomed. Check the updates/links posted at the end of the piece to track the discussion. Although, the the problem of the centralization of your life-data in facebook still remains…

Should we care about privacy? Much privacy talk can come across as anachronistic bourgeois individualism, seemingly getting in the way of what social networking is all about: the flow of information – sharing and multiplying social connections between users.

So when a report by Sophos security (2007) highlighted that facebook’s privacy practices remain suspect, both in terms of its default settings and common member behaviour, will it affect the average fb member?

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9 Oct 07 at 11:46pm

The Shock Doctrine

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Whatever you may think of the academic credentials of Naomi Klein, her work reaches a ‘mass’ audience. Although, as with semiotics being appropriated by ‘Saatchi & Saatchi’ et al, No Logo is similarly being taken up by the ubiquitous branding industry.

Her latest work The Rise of Disaster Capitalism is being virally promoted to great effect, especially via a short documentary directed by Jonás Cuarón (of Children of Men) accompanying the book.

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11 Sep 07 at 2:51pm

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